la 1480 m altitudine in PN Retezat
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Between 1-15 October 2017 and between 15 December 2017 – 15 January 2018, Pietrele alpine hut is closed.

Containing more than 60 peaks over 2,300 metres (7,500 ft) and over 100 crystal clear deep glacier lakes, the Retezat Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the Carpathians. In 1935 the Government of Romania set aside an area of the Retezat Mountains creating the country’s first national park.

Currently the park has 380.47 km2 (146.90 sq mi). The area shelters one of Europe’s last remaining intact old-growth forest and the continent’s largest single area of pristine mixed forest. The highest peak of the Retezat Mountains, Vf. Peleaga, 2,509 metres (8,232 ft) is located in the park. The park also includes about 80 glacier lakes.

In 1979 the Man and Biosphere Program of UNESCO included the park in the international network of biosphere reserve.

Flora and fauna
The flora consists of approximately 1190 plant species, of which 130 have the “endangered” or “vulnerable” status. Wolves, brown bear, wild boar, Eurasian lynx, European wildcat, chamois, roe deer and red deer, as well as small carnivore species such as Eurasian badger and Eurasian otter populate the park.

The Gemenele (“The Twins” in Romanian) scientific reserve is a strictly protected area of the park enclosing an intact primeval forest.
Source: Wikipedia

Pietrele hut in Retezat National park, Romania offers accommodation and meals for the nature lovers who choose to hike in Retezat mountains

Our cottage is located on the main access track into Retezat National Park.
Access is from the national road north Haţeg-Petrosani (DN66-E71). On the village Ohaba de Sub Piatra you have to go on 667A road.

The last place where you can safely park your car is Carnic village, and from here to our hut is just 1 1/2 hours of hiking. on blue stripe route.
Cars and motorcycles are not allowed on the forest road to the cottage, leave this meat in the paid parking or free. Exceptions are the intervention and those serving cottage.

Access is from the national road west Haţeg-Petrosani (DN66-E71). From town Santamarie Orlea near Castle Kendeffy DJ686 is entering the Raul de Mori Sânpetru and end point for the village Suseni Rausor tourist complex, where, pedestrian trail is followed by the Blue Cross Ciurila saddle stones to cottage with a duration of 2 h 30 min.
Southern access is going through Retezat from Buta, Cheile Butii or Campu lui Neag marked tourist trails.

For reservations
Call or SMS
+40722715595 (Vodafone)
+40374975188 (Orange)
CALLS PLEASE insist network coverage is oscillating! Send a text message with your request, and we’ll answer!

For further details and questions: (only in the period September 1 to June 1)
Between June and September the entire staff is at cottage, no internet connection up there, so we do not have access to our email address, therefore if you want to make a reservation call us!

Parcul National Retezat – Tărâmul fermecat, cu ochi albaştri from Phantom Video Productions on Vimeo.